My Rights, My Say

Advocacy service for 12-15 year olds living in Scotland

Let your school know your rights!

If you are aged 12-15 living anywhere in Scotland and need additional support at school, you can use a service called My Rights, My Say.

My Rights, My Say

My Rights, My Say advocacy workers can help you share your views with your school to get the support you need. We can help you work out what you want to say, attend meetings with you and if you don’t feel able to speak yourself, we’ll speak up on your behalf.

We can make sure that your rights are looked after and that your views and wishes are fully listened to when decisions are being made. We can also support you if you decide to appeal against a decision the school or local authority has made.

Having an advocate can be really helpful. Here’s some feedback about how we have helped other children and young people have a say in decisions that affected them.

The teachers were listening. It's much better now. I fee; better. I can speak in meetings
Thanks for all the help. You've changed my life for the better
I felt like you being there and supporting me definitely made them listen

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And this short film about advocacy:–I

Find out about your rights at the Needs to Learn website: