Partners in Advocacy

Advocacy for Children and Young People

What Advocacy for children is, Why you would need it and How to get it

Do you need help to speak up?

Do you feel that no one is listening to you?

No one on YOUR side?

You might need Advocacy!

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is about helping you speak up and making sure people listen

Advocacy makes sure that you know about your rights

Advocacy is just for you and no one else

PiA - Advocacy for Children and Young People
PiA - Advocacy for Children and Young People

Why would I need it?

We can help let others know how you are feeling and what you want to say about your life

You might:

  • Have problems and worries at school or college
  • Need help going to a meeting, hearing or tribunal
  • Want to know your rights
  • Have worries about changes in your life
  • Need information and not sure how to get it

How does it work?

An Advocacy Worker will meet with you and help you

Our Advocacy Workers are friendly and will listen to what you want

You can pick where and when to meet your Advocacy Worker

It could be on your own or with someone else like your parent, it could be at home, in school or hospital

You can also email, text and Skype your Advocacy Worker

PiA - Advocacy for Children and Young People

How can I get an Advocacy Worker?

You can contact us yourself or ask someone else to do it for you : Just click here


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